December 2022

Trucks electrification

In 2022, ITM contributed to a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) study of electric trucks commissioned by the NGO T&E. This study included an analysis of the technical and economic feasibility of zero-emission HGVs in order to draw up a roadmap for the decarbonization of freight, with a view to the future revision of European CO2 emission standards for HGVs.

With regard to future European CO2 standards, ITM supports the Commission’s proposal, but suggests coupling regulatory targets with the introduction of national or European fleet renewal quotas (for fleets of more than 20 vehicles) linked to a penalty or tax incentive scheme. The aim of this proposal is to generate a transformational dynamic based on the largest fleets, and to secure the competitive framework for hauliers/loaders by 2025/2030, when CO2 standards will require electric vehicle sales mixes of between 30% and 50%.

For further information: Louis-Pierre Geffray