Program 4 | Social leasing : a solution for vulnerable populations impacted by LEZ


During the 2022 presidential campaign, candidate E. Macron had announced a “social leasing” of electric vehicles at 100 euros a month for the most modest households. With 13.3M French people living in precarious mobility situations in a context of the implementation of Low Emission Zones, this measure could become a solution for the most fragile populations impacted.

Since this announcement, public authorities have been working on the implementation of this social leasing.  They have to overcome many obstacles: lack of availability of vehicles, inappropriate models favoring foreign players, costs that are too high, populations reluctant to change their habits, and so on.


This program focuses on the conditions for the success of a subsidized, targeted electric vehicle leasing mechanism.

The analysis is divided into two axes. The first concerns the availability of electric vehicles and the conditions for the emergence of a suitable manufacturer’s offer of small vehicles (A and B segments) at reduced cost. The second focuses on targeting and sizing the beneficiary populations, as well as identifying deployment and intermediation relays. The aim is to identify and characterize one or more possible and relevant business models to respond to a problem of acceptability and social justice by creating an industrial opportunity for France.


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Jean-Philippe Hermine
Managing Director
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Marjorie Mascaro
Head of Development
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